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This site can not help you with burial arrangements, nor set you up with a cemetery to make arrangements. You must contact the cemetery or a funeral home directly.

The mission of the Florida Gravestones Project is to capture and archive digital images of our ancestors’ gravestones. As decades pass the inscriptions on many gravestones are becoming difficult, if not impossible, to read. These archived images are one means of preserving these important records and simultaneously assist family history researchers who use this valuable, free, information-rich resource. Please load your photos on: http://floridagravestones.org/. We do not sell photos and our site is free. This is not a genealogy help site, but it is a site of historical preservation.


1- Please do not post photos of living people's tombstones. Use an editor to block them out. If you need help email me the photo and I will gladly do it for you and return it so you can post it yourself.

2-Do not add anyone that is NOT on the tombstone photograph you are submitting, you may, however, add a maiden name if you know it and can verify it. Do not include family members whose names are not included on the stone.

3-ONLY post tombstone photographs NO Personal Photographs

4-Make sure your tombstone photographs are clear and legible; some are submitted so far away you cannot read the full name and dates on the stones and are very blurry when you try to blow them up to read.

5-Florida Gravestones DOES NOT give permission to use photos posted here on Find-a-grave or other sites. You must email the contributor of the photos to get permissions to use their photo submissions. If the contributor of the photos choose to hide their email then you CAN NOT use their photos. You will be reported if you abuse this rule.


Project Info

We are currently seeking volunteers to help take and upload photos for many counties. If you have an interest in volunteering for this rewarding part-time activity please contact us.


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